We all hope that it doesn’t happen, but unfortunately nothing is certain in life. If you or your partner suddenly passes away this will affect your mortgage, therefore it is important to take this into consideration. Bert van Vulpen Estate agents can help you to prevent your relatives being left behind with a high mortgage debt or uncertainties about the inheritance. In short, we can make sure that everything is dealt with.

Life insurance

With a life insurance you can avoid having the property being forcefully sold by the death of one of the partners. The partner who is left behind can use the money that the insurance pays out to pay off (part of) the mortgage. Together we can look for a suitable life insurance for you. We are joined as consultants to Financial Security Industry Association Adfiz. We are not connected to any bank or insurance company or obliged to specifically recommend their products. We are entirely independent.

Inheritance tax and beneficiary acceptence

If both partners are deceased the children often inherit the home. Here is also alot to think about. How can you prevent the heirs having to pay transfer tax? What about inheritance tax? It Is recommended that the children accept the legacy beneficially. That is, they accept the legacy only if it is positive. For example, this is advisable if you’re not sure if the sale proceeds of a home is higher than the mortgage that still rests on the property. The advisors at Bert van Vulpen will stand by you whilst you make the right choices.

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