If you are starting a family or the children are moving out then it makes sense that you would want to move to a bigger or smaller home. There are of course many other reasons to choose a larger or smaller home. At Bert van Vulpen Estate agents we listen to your wishes and proceed to look for the perfect home to fit your new situation.

Sell first?

Do you already own a property, then of course the question is: should I sell my current home first or buy a new home first? There is no single answer to fit every situation as there are all kinds of factors to take into consideration. What is your financial situation? How is the property market? How much interest is there for the property that you want to sell? Our experts will look at your specific situation and make a plan of action together with you.

Renting temporary

If you choose to sell your property first then there is a chance you will have to leave the property before you have bought a new one. A temporary solution would be to rent a property. If you make the choice of buying a new home first then you run the risk of your old property being on the market longer than that you had planned. Result: double monthly payments. In that case, you can choose to rent out your property. There are however, financial and tax matters to take into consideration.

We are at your service!

Whether you choose to rent a property or rent out your own. The staff at Bert van Vulpen can be of service to you. We can find you a suitable home to rent, or we can guide you with renting out your property so you don’t get any unexpected surprises.
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