Carefree living with the best mortgage

When you think of home, you probably do not think about your mortgage first. But it is important to arrange your mortgage properly. Our independent mortgage counsellors will give you clear and sound advice regarding taking out a new mortgage. Whether you are going to buy a house, want to repay extra or want to switch your mortgage to take advantage of the low interest rate. 

All your mortgage questions answered

Our certified mortgage counsellors can give you clear and tailored advice regarding your mortgage and housing insurance. Some examples of common questions are:

  • What is the difference between an annuity mortgage and a linear mortgage?
  • Is it smart to repay extra on my mortgage?
  • What do I do with my remaining mortgage debt when I move out?
  • My fixed-rate period has ended, now what?
  • What about the NHG (The Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee scheme)?
  • Which type of mortgage should I get and which mortgage provider suits me the most?

Independent and clear mortgage counselling

You do not take out a mortgage a little while. So you want clear and honest mortgage counselling, that you do not pay too much for. We understand that and that is why our certified mortgage advisors work completely independent and not tied to a mortgage providers. We are happy to help you make the best choices: well-arranged and attractively priced. For now and for the future.

Quick clarity

Whether you want a separate mortgage, or that we cooperate with one of our real estate agents to buy your new home, you can contact us. We are able to give you a thorough, personal mortgage advice and start up the proceedings within 24 hours. Quick clarity, that’s so nice to have! 

How we help you

We are happy to meet you. In a free initial conversation we like to hear more about your personal situation and wishes. This way we can give you an overall idea of ​​the financing possibilities, the advisory and mediation costs and the way we will work for you.

In a follow-up conversation, we make a complete assessment. You will get the best mortgage advice from us, completely tailored to your personal needs and financial situation. We help you assess the risks and give you full insight into the costs. If you take out your mortgage with us, rest assured it is well managed. Our main goal is to help you so that you can live carefree. 

All the expertise you need under one roof

When you are looking for advice on your financial options or want to take out a mortgage, perhaps you are looking to buy a house soon. If you currently have an owner-occupied home, you are going to sell it. When you decide to move often there are possibilities for insurance policies and tax benefits. At Bert van Vulpen Makelaars + Hypotheken you find all the expertise you will need. That not only gives you financial, but also a practical benefit. You will have one point of contact for everything around your future housing situation. We will gladly take care of you in all areas. 

Free mortgage advice interview

Do you want personalized mortgage counselling? Then do not hesitate to make an appointment: free of charge and without obligation. Call us on 075-6814990 or send us an e-mail at An appointment in the evening hours or on Saturdays is also possible.