Buying your first home. It is perhaps the most exciting purchase you will ever make. We at Bert van Vulpen realize that all too well. If you are looking for your first property, then you want to do that with someone who knows the property market. The staff at Bert van Vulpen Estate agents are specialists in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Zaandam, Krommenie and Assendelft. We can find the right property for each starter due to our knowledge and extensive network.

Affordable first home

The neighborhood, the number of square meters, the construction and the opportunities to grow are many of the things to look out for when buying a property. If you are going to buy your first home it is not easy to take all these things into account. The estate agents at Bert van Vulpen will help you with this. We listen to your wishes and translate that to your budget, so that in the end we make sure that you make the right decision. Last but not least … we make sure you pay the best price for your new home.

Why buy now?

Maybe you are still in doubt whether you want to buy a house or rent it. Understandable, renting has advantages, but buying maybe even more. Property prices have decreased considerably and current interest rates are historically low. All reasons to now take that step onto the housing market. Interested? Visit us at one of our offices in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Zaandam or Krommenie. We’ll take you through all the pros and cons and can also advise you when it comes to getting a mortgage (starters).