Selling your property in Zaandam? Apart from the fact that there is a lot to deal with, you’re also not the only one in Zaandam that is wanting to move. On every street corner you’ll see ‘for sale’ signs. How do you sell your home for a good price, and how do you ensure that your property stands out from the rest? It’s a matter of choosing the right estate agents!

Why Bert van Vulpen Estate agents?

Selling real estate is craftsmanship. At Bert van Vulpen Makelaars + Hypotheken we are known for our knowledge of the property market in the Zaandam region, well-chosen asking prices and our active role and mentality. In addition, we have a large network, which enables us to find the vast majority of buyers in Zaandam. Besides that, we work with a sharp brokerage fee.

Number 1 on Funda

To sell your property in Zaandam you have to stand out, also online! Due to our presenting the properties in the right way we have a number 1 position on Funda. Good to know that your home is clearly visible. The website attracts millions of visitors every month.

Help, a residual debt!

House prices have dropped in recent years, also in Zaandam. As a result, it may happen that you are presented with a residual debt. Don’t panic. Because of our extensive knowledge, we can help you find a suitable solution.

Want to know more about selling your property, or make an appointment? Contact Bert van Vulpen.