Seperating whilst owning a property

A lot has to be arranged if you’re going to separate or get a divorce. It is in everyone’s interests that you receive clarity about the financial situation and the housing situation. If you and your ex-partner have a property for sale, it is important to get the property valued as quickly as possible. You can decide what to do with the property based on this appraisal report. Will you, or your partner want to continue living in the property or are you going to sell.

Buying the property from the other partner

If one of the ex-partners is willing and able to continue to live in the property, they can buy the property from the other partner. This is possible with saved money, but also by increasing the mortgage. The mortgage lender assesses whether your income is sufficient for this purpose, whilst also taking into consideration how or if alimony is to be paid. If the sale proceedings are larger than your mortgage your ex-partner will have equal rights to that equity. It is also possible to get an additional mortgage to pay that off.

Sales with equity

n most cases a divorce leads to having to sell the property. The mortgage is payed off and you are free to close a new mortgage for another home. Is there excess value then that will be devided over both ex-partners.

Sales at a loss

If the selling price of your home is lower than your mortgage debt, then you have a residual debt. This debt is also split between the ex-partners. For this you may possibly get a loan. The interest on this loan is deductible for 10 years.


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