Looking to buy an affordable home in Zaandam? You can also consider a newly built property. From Westzaan to Oostzaan: throughout the Zaanstreek alone there are plenty of newly built homes for sale. You pay no transfer tax and are not going to be confronted with any rebuilding or construction costs. It also means you can make the home exactly to your own taste.

Newly built projects in the Zaanstreek

From cheap apartments near Amsterdam, to detached houses on large plots in a rural setting, you can find it all in Zaandam. Within walking distance of the city centre or near nature reserve Het Twiske, where peace and quiet go hand in hand.

Build your own house in Zaandam?

Adventurous? You can also build your own home, there are plenty of private plots in Zaandam. The desire of individuals to design their own home in Zaandam is being more and more forfilled. There are sufficient new initiatives both near the city center or in the quiet residential areas for individuals who would like to design and build a house. The offers range from affordable single family homes to redeveloped old factory buildings. With a collective program you can also share the costs with your new neighbours.

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