“What is my house worth?

Would you like to know what your house is worth? Bert would be happy to provide insight through a sales consultation. Such a consultation is beneficial if you’re considering selling your house. With the market value in mind, you can determine a realistic asking price for your home, which can help it sell faster. If you don’t have concrete plans to sell yet, but are already quietly looking around for your next house, a sales consultation is also smart. Knowing the value of your current home helps you determine your budget for your new house.”

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“No-obligation sales consultation at Bert van Vulpen

The value of your house depends on the housing market, which is constantly changing. If you’re not an expert, it can be quite difficult to estimate what your house is worth right now. We are intimately familiar with the local housing market in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Zaandam, Krommenie, and Assendelft and can empathize with your situation. As such, we can give you a realistic indication of your house’s market value. We offer a sales consultation for free and without any obligation. How do we do that? By bringing all our expertise under one roof and, of course, offering:

  • One point of contact
  • Local market knowledge
  • Personal involvement
  • Transparent advice

A sales consultation, how does it work?

Curious about the value of your house? Schedule a free and completely non-binding appointment with our real estate agent. During the consultation, the agent will take a tour of your house and determine its value based on a market analysis. You are not committed to anything. If you want to learn more about how we can assist you with the sale of your house, you can ask all about it during the conversation.”

All the expertise you need under one roof

If you want to know what your house is worth, you might be planning to move. Did you know that at Bert van Vulpen, you can find all the expertise you need? Whether it’s about buying or selling a house, arranging your mortgage and insurance, or assistance with your income tax return. This provides you with significant benefits. Not just financially, but also by having one point of contact for everything related to your move. We’re happy to ease your stress in all areas.

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