Residual debt: now what?

Everybody knows: in recent years, house prices have dropped. This may prevent you from selling your property if you are left with a residual debt although a residual debt does not have to be a problem. The staff at Bert van Vulpen Estate agents have extensive knowledge on this subject and can advise you about the many possibilities.

Residual debt is deductible

Do you expect to sell your current property with a loss, but you still want to move? One of the possibilities is to finance the residual debt with your next mortgage. Of course, your income will need to be sufficient. Another possibility is to take on a separate loan for the residual debt. In both cases, the interest rate that you pay on this loan is deductible for the next 10 years.

A mortgage with NHG

Do you have a mortgage with National Mortgage Guarantee? Under certain conditions they can waive the residual debt away.


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