Need a valuation report in Amstelveen? The appraisers at Bert van Vulpen Estate agents are specialised in the Amstelveen property market. Our certified appraisers will be pleased to help you with a specific valuation of a property in Amstelveen.

The valuation of properties is a specialty and requires specific regional knowledge. Not only knowledge of house prices in the regional housing market, but also for example, neighborhood data. The appraisers at Bert van Vulpen can build on many years of experience in the Amstelveen region, not only as an appraiser 3but also as a broker. This combination provides you with the most specific valuation. Our appraisers are members of the NWWI (Dutch Property Value Institute). As a result, you are assured of an independent, reliable property valuation. Nowadays lenders have high demands regarding valuation reports, requirements which our reports can certainly meet.

When do you require a valuation report?

  • funding a purchased existing home
  • funding a newly built property
  • getting a second mortgage on the prooerty due to a renovation
  • the renegotiating of your mortgage to another bank/lender
  • for making a purchase or sale decision
  • determining the value of a property due to a divorce
  • determining the value of a property due to a death

We carry out all valuation assignments with great care, expertise and speed. That you can count on!

Would you like to know the value of a property or do you have any questions? Please contact us.