Looking for a nice house in Krommenie or Assendelft, or maybe you’ve already found a nice house on Funda? What’s your next step? Have you ever considered taking on a real estate agent to help you? The estate agents at Bert van Vulpen are capable of helping you with some good and sound advice. We know the property market in Krommenie & Assendelft from A to Z. If you want to take up residence in Krommenie or Assendelft, we are the best party to find the most beautiful and affordable homes and apartments for you.

Real estate agents in Krommenie & Assendelft

If you wish to buy a house or apartment in Krommenie or Assendelft then there are many things that you need to consider. Amongst others the constructual state of the property and the developments in the neighborhood. Those are exactly the things that you as a buyer do not always have an eye for. If you’ve found the home of your dreams, you may want to immediately make an offer. Better to keep your head cool. Thats what we’re here for! For example, we will check if there are no hidden defects and carry out the negotiations for you, so that you pay the right price for the property.

From leasehold to Owner’s Association

Property market in Krommenie & Assendelft also has it’s difficulties. Leasehold, foundation problems, an Owner’s association that does not function properly, architectural problems. We can also look into these matters with you. Together with our knowledge of the local market this means that you have a strong negotiating position. What is the real value of the property? The selling estate agents must, of course keep the interests of the selling party on mind, not yours. When you make a definite puchase we check the contracts and explain them if needed. We also check the property before the notarial transfer and accompany you to the notary. There, too, we make sure that everything is clear to you so that you can sign the contract with peace of mind.

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Properties in Krommenie & Assendelft